Melinda Augustina

About Melinda Augustina

Actress-Author-Producer, Melinda Augustina’s first film THREE-FIFTY has been charming audiences from coast to coast in America.  “With a total of 17 festivals, three awards and a special screening at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, I’m very happy with the results of this first film–and even happier that it was developed first live on stage” says Melinda.  

Acting credits include dozens of stage roles in midweset regional theaters in the US.  A few awards, most significanly Best Actress for playing the intense role of the armchair Nazi “Lemon” in Wallace Shawn’s “Aunt Dan and Lemon”.  She has been adding film and television credits to her resume since moving to Los Angeles.   She has played a number of roles in commercials, independent films and television.

Co-author and producer of numerous sketch comedy shows including THE BLONDE LEADING THE BLONDE, WOULD YOU LIKE ANY FRIES WITH THAT?,  THE HAPPY BLOW-UP ALLIGATOR and I KNOW A GOOD FLO WHEN I SEE ONE.  The comedy shows were produced as comedys shows + after-parties in Dallas, Texas.

In Dallas Texas she wrote 13 scripts for the television show “Net Talk Interactive”, which went on to win a Platinum Telly Award in Children/Family Television that year.

While living in Chicago, Melinda co-authored the children’s audio and coloring book program “Bonnie Blue Rider” with writer Margaret Warnusz.  She has recently written one guide-book/baby activity tracker for babysitters and new parents called “The Babysitters Journal”  and  published one book for adults adjusting to the death of their parents called “Do You Still Laugh?  Do You Still Sing?”

Melinda lives in Los Angeles and is married to former sports producer Barry Sloan.  Her father-in-law Melvin Sloan is a retired documentary film-maker and was a founding force in the developement of the USC Film School for 50 years.  Now Professor Emeritus, the elder Sloan taught editing at USC to such luminaries as George Lucas and Robert Zemeckis.   He was editorial consultant for her short  film THREE-FIFTY.

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